Caving Kit

So you want to come caving, but aren’t sure what to bring? Or you’re an old hand looking for some pointers about what to get? No worries, we’ve got you covered here! Read on to find out about all the bits and pieces you might want to take on a caving trip with you… For convenience, I’ve split this up into multiple categories: personal gear, club gear, group gear, camping gear, bushwalking gear, canyoning gear. Obviously, there’s a lot of overlap between the lists.

On a trip, you will need to bring any personal gear you need or want, and the club will supply all the club gear you need. You can of course bring personal equivalents to the club gear if you have them, so long as the trip leader is satisfied it is suitable. Group gear will usually be brought by the trip leader and other experienced cavers where it is required, and if you stick around, you’ll probably find yourself owning a bunch of this stuff anyway. Camping gear is your responsibility to organise and bring, but the club owns some, and other people coming frequently have spares you can borrow. But, if you need to borrow stuff, you MUST ask (nicely) before the trip- usually the Facebook event or at SRT are the best places to organise this.

Of course, if you have questions or doubts about kit for a trip, ask the trip leader, and they should be able to help you!