Single Rope Technique (SRT) Training

What: Learn rope skills, an essential skill for vertical caves!

When: 7-9pm on Tuesdays (excluding exam periods) from Feb 11.

Where: The Old Climbing Wall in the ANU Sport Hall (from the ANU Sport foyer, head down the left hallway and look right once you reach the courts).

Cost: Free for NUCC members!

Single rope technique (SRT) is a set of methods used for descending (abseiling) and ascending (prusiking) on a single rope. These skills are applicable in several other adventure sports including climbing and canyoning. You can rock up, or leave at any time during these sessions.

Attendance is completely optional, however it is necessary to attend a couple of sessions to go on caving trips involving vertical caves. Over time we teach more advanced rope skills such as rigging and how to handle more complex ropework like rebelays and redirects.

Come and say hello at one of our SRT sessions if you would like to become a member. Note that you must be a member to get on rope for insurance reasons, but we’re happy to chat anyway!

For more details on exactly what we do in SRT, and what single rope techniques look like, look at this SRT Details page.

SRT Training