August 2, 2021SRT #1 Semester 2, 2021
Coming up tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd), we have SRT, from 6-8pm. What is SRT? SRT stands for Single Rope Technique, and is the term used to describe ropework using a single rope. read more
July 29, 2021NUCC Trip List July-December 2021
NUCC has put together our trip list for the rest of 2021! As normal, COVID is making some of our plans look iffy, so things may change or get cancelled at the last minute. read more
February 15, 2021NUCC Trip List Semester 1 2021 and SRT 2021
With Market Day coming up on Wednesday, it’s time to put up the trip list for the first part of Semester, 1 2021. This is stuff that we’re fairly confident will happen- in the current post-fires, covid-conscious world, planning is a lot more difficult than usual. read more
October 8, 2020TRIP LIST October-November 2020
TRIP LIST October-November Hi NUCCers, here’s the new trip list for the next couple of months. As before, due to the uncertain situation with cave closures, things might change at short notice. read more
July 8, 2020TRIP LIST July-August 2020
Here is our trip list for the next couple of months. While we’ll do our best to make sure that all the trips and activities we have planned go ahead, please be mindful that we’re still dealing with the aftermath of the fires and COVID. read more
June 12, 2020Recommencement of NUCC activities
NUCC RECOMMENCEMENT OF ACTIVITIES: As of the 12th June, we have received permission from ANU Sport to recommence activities. All activities will be occurring as outlined in the NUCC COVID Guidelines document, so please familiarise yourself with that before coming on trips or to SRT, or talk to the trip leader. read more
June 6, 2020NUCC COVID Guidelines
Hello everyone, as another step towards resuming NUCC activities, we have submitted a plan to ANU Sport to restart, and are waiting for official permission to start up. So hopefully there will be SRT and trips in the near future! read more
May 27, 2020COVID-19 Membership Refunds
Hey everyone, we have decided to refund membership fees if you have not been on a trip and will not be returning for semester 2. See below for more details: read more
March 20, 2020Cessation of NUCC activities (COVID-19)
As of Friday the 20th March, all NUCC activities have been cancelled, following a directive by ANU Sport intended to slow coronavirus spread. This covers all: SRT sessions Normal club trips Inter-club activities with other caving clubs We are sorry that we can’t keep running trips for our members, but this directive has been enacted to keep the whole ANU community safe, and affects all clubs. read more
January 20, 2020Market Day and SRT Returns
SRT will be back on Tuesday the 11th of February, from 6pm to 8pm. We’ll be at the Old Climbing wall, up on the Mezzanine level like usual. Depending on numbers and interest, we might play with some rescue setups. read more
January 19, 2020Fires Update
The fire situation has continued to expand and develop over the last few weeks. Here’s a summary of where things are currently at, and known damage to caves and karst areas. read more
January 18, 2020ASF Bushfire Appeal Gofundme
With the fallout from the fires continuing and more cave areas being burnt, it looks like we’re going to have a busy year ahead of us with volunteer work. There’ll be many volunteer-work trips happening to fire-stricken karst areas, both run under an ASF umbrella and by individual clubs. read more
October 10, 2019Final Trips of 2019!
Hey NUCCers, Here’s the outline of what the club is going to be doing for the next few months. We’ll still be pretty active over the summer break, so if you’re still going to be in Canberra, there’ll still be caving to do! read more
June 28, 2019Semester 2 Trip List
Hey everyone, here’s the NUCC trip list for Semester 2. We’ve got a packed semester of caving coming up, and in addition to this we will have the weekly SRT sessions and Britt’s climbing nights. read more
May 27, 2019SRT Time
Hi everyone, our last SRT session for Semester 1 is on tomorrow (28-5) from 4-6pm. Hope to see you all there for a break from assignment and exam stress! SRT will return after the exam period 25-6, at 6-8pm. read more
May 10, 2019SRT Time
SRT is on from 4-6pm this Tuesday (14th May) @ the Old Climbing Wall. Come along for a bit of vertical practice, as there’s a very vertical Bungonia trip coming up later this month! read more
May 6, 2019SRT Time
More reminders/badgering for everyone: SRT is on from 4-6pm tomorrow @ the Old Climbing Wall. Come along for a bit of vertical practice, as there’s a very vertical Bungonia trip coming up later this month! read more
March 25, 2019SRT time change
This week (26/3) and next week (2/4) SRT is going to be from 4-6pm, rather than 6-8pm. We broke out the rebelays last week, so come along over the next couple of weeks to learn this important piece of caving ropework! read more
February 20, 2019Welcome to NUCC for 2019!
Hi everyone, A special welcome to our new members and those who signed up to the mailing list at Market Day Today! Thanks very much for coming past to say hi and find out about NUCC and caving. read more
February 19, 2019Market Day!
Hi everyone, Market Day is tomorrow, and NUCC will have a stall in the Sports Clubs section on the non-Union Court side of the Creek. Our space is on the left coming from Union Court, and we’ll be there from about 9am-4pm. read more
February 1, 2019New Website
We now have a website!