Market Day and SRT Returns

Jan 20 2020 Lachie Bailey

SRT will be back on Tuesday the 11th of February, from 6pm to 8pm. We’ll be at the Old Climbing wall, up on the Mezzanine level like usual. Depending on numbers and interest, we might play with some rescue setups.

There will also be a Committee Meeting at 6pm on the 6th February (a Thursday) to plan the upcoming Semester and deal with other errata (fires…). Committee members are expected to come along and help plan, but all other members are welcome to come. The bonus of coming is that you can probably manage to shift the dates of caving trips you want to be on to dates that suit you best :P We’ll be meeting out the front of ANU Sport, in the seating area opposite the main desk.

Lastly MARKET DAY! Market Day will be on the 19th of February, and NUCC will have a stall there in the Sports area. Usually it runs from about 9am-3pm, although hours vary year to year. I’ll put another thing up about it once times and locations are confirmed. Either way, it’s great if we can have lots of club members there to help things along, and we’d love it if you could come. Any time is appreciated, an hour if you have the spare time. Even just come and drop by to say hello and have a chat if you’re at Market Day, as it helps bring new members in. See you there :D