Meet the Team

NUCC is a volunteer-run club, so here’s a big thank you to all the trip leaders, trainers and committee members who make the club happen! And also a thank you to all of you out there who come on trips and to SRT- you’re the people who make NUCC worth happening. Here are the members of the current NUCC committee, who can frequently be spotted at SRT on Tuesdays or underground somewhere on a trip.

President: Chris Bradley

Vice President: Andy Waddell

Treasurer: Britt Brockett

Secretary: Lachy Deakin

Equipment Officer: Lachie Bailey (also vertical Trip Leader)

Equipment Officer No.2: Vacant

Student Engagement Officer: Andy Waddell

General Member: Vacant

General Member: Vacant

In addition to the committee, there are other Trip Leaders, trouble-makers and general riff-raff to be found in NUCC: