Meet the Team

NUCC is a volunteer-run club, so here’s a big thank you to all the trip leaders, trainers and committee members who make the club happen! And also a thank you to all of you out there who come on trips and to SRT- you’re the people who make NUCC worth happening. Here are the members of the current NUCC committee, who can frequently be spotted at SRT on Tuesdays or underground somewhere on a trip.

Executive Committee

Year President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Equipment Officer Student Engagement Officer
2023 Guyver Fu Ben Hofmann Martyna Judd Thomas Holliday Lachlan Bailey Corey Hanrahan
2022 Andy Waddell Chris Bradley Lauren Schenk Austin Zerk Tali De Mestre Lisa Cobban
2021 Andy Waddell Chris Bradley Lauren Schenk Cecily Reid Lachlan Bailey, Claud Tomkins Corey Hanrahan
2020 Chris Bradley Andy Waddell Brittany Brockett Lachlan Deakin Lachlan Bailey Andy Waddell
2019 Chris Bradley Wein Lau Brittany Brockett Lachlan Deakin Lachlan Bailey

General Members

Year General Members
2023 Brittany Meers, Rowan Phemister, Leah Wu
2022 Brittany Meers, Lachlan Bailey, Rowan Phemister, Corey Hanrahan
2021 Brittany Brockett, Lachlan Deakin, Riley Baird
2019 Andy Waddell

Other Important Roles

ASF Rep: Lachlan Bailey

Canyoning Rep: Michael Larkin

Vertical Trip Leaders: Lachlan Bailey (2018-), Chris Bradley(2019-), Michael Larkin (2013-), Bill Lamb (?-2020)

Safety Officer: Andriana Stoddart (2022-)

COVID Safety Officer: Rowan Phemister (2022-), Andy Waddell (2020-2021)

Speleograffiti Editors: Martyna Judd(2023-), Brittany Meers(2022), Oxana Repina(2021-2022), Lachlan Bailey (2019-), Cecily Reid(2021)

Webmasters: Guyver Fu (2022-), Lachlan Deakin (2019-), Chris Bradley (2019-), Lachlan Bailey (2019-)