Welcome to NUCC for 2019!

Feb 20 2019 Lachie Bailey

Hi everyone,

A special welcome to our new members and those who signed up to the mailing list at Market Day Today! Thanks very much for coming past to say hi and find out about NUCC and caving. We wish you all a fun time in the club! Also thanks very much to all the volunteers who gave up part of their Wednesday to man the stall for us.

For everyone thinking of signing up, the best time to do so will be at our SRT (ropework) session next Tuesday (26th), which will run from 6-8pm at the Old Climbing Wall in the ANU Sport gym. Some of the other returning members and I will be around from 5:30 though to get ready, so if you want to come a bit early to speed up joining the club, that’s fine.

The next time we actually go underground will 2nd March, so Saturday a week and a half way. This trip will be a daytrip to Bungonia, and is free for all members. There’ll be more details on the trip and how to sign up sent out after SRT next Tuesday. The second trip will be to Wee Jasper the following weekend, and will feature a free barbie on Saturday night. Trips after that are roughly a fortnight apart, and someone will send out the trip calendar soon.

If you have anything you want to ask about, either email me at lachlan.d.bailey@gmail.com, or send it to the club email address of caving@anusra.com.au

Hope to see you at SRT or underground!