COVID-19 Membership Refunds

May 27 2020 Christopher Bradley

Hey everyone, we have decided to refund membership fees if you have not been on a trip and will not be returning for semester 2. See below for more details:

Due to the disruption to NUCC’s activities over the last few months due to COVID-19 and potential lack of access to students to activities on campus in Semester 2 2020, we’d like to offer a potential refund to members who have not been able to take part in NUCC trips, and don’t intend to be based in Canberra in Semester 2. If you haven’t taken part in any trips, will not be in Canberra for Semester 2, and wish to consider this, please get in contact with the committee via Please also note that SRT sessions do not count as a trip!

If you have been on a trip, we are unable to cancel your membership as we are required to keep you registered as member for insurance reasons. If you have any concerns or issues with this, please also do not hesitate to get in touch, as we’re happy to discuss it with you.

Cheers, The NUCC Committee