ASF Bushfire Appeal Gofundme

Jan 18 2020 Lachie Bailey

With the fallout from the fires continuing and more cave areas being burnt, it looks like we’re going to have a busy year ahead of us with volunteer work. There’ll be many volunteer-work trips happening to fire-stricken karst areas, both run under an ASF umbrella and by individual clubs.

To support these trips and improve karst conservation in Australia, the ASF has organised this Gofundme page:

It’s run by Sil Ian (the ASF Social media expert) from FUSSI and Bob Kershaw (the ASF Treasurer) from ISS, so you can be confident that any donations you make will go to helping real projects.

If you can spare anything, even a small donation would be greatly appreciated (even $5 helps). It’ll go a long way towards helping the caves, plants, animals, infrastructure and managers of the karst areas we love and visit so often. If you can’t spare a donation, no worries, but please consider coming on a volunteer trip or activity sometime in the next year. It doesn’t have to be a NUCC trip, or even an ASF club trip- there’s plenty of worthwhile organisations out there looking for volunteers to help undo some of the catastrophic damage these fires have wrought.