SRT #1 Semester 2, 2021

Aug 2 2021

Coming up tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd), we have SRT, from 6-8pm. What is SRT? SRT stands for Single Rope Technique, and is the term used to describe ropework using a single rope. Good SRT skills are important for many outdoors activities, and essential to visit many caves and canyons. NUCC obviously specialises in teaching the caving skills necessary to become an independent vertical caver. This week, we’ll focus on familiarising new members with caving gear, and teaching you how to abseil (descend) and prusik (ascend). Don’t feel you’ve missed out if you can’t make this week- we run the SRT sessions weekly, and will start teaching you SRT whenever you can make it.

You will have to be a member of NUCC (or an ASF caving club) to get on rope, for insurance purposes. However, you’re absolutely welcome to come along to SRT and have a chat to current members and watch what we’re doing before you decide if caving is for you! You DO NOT have to let me know to come to SRT, this is mostly just a gauge so I can work out how many ropes to rig for 6pm (:

To get to the Old Climbing Wall where we hold the SRT sessions, walk in the main ANU Sport entrance. Turn left at the front desk. Follow this corridor down to a door into a sports hall. Go through the doors and turn right. You should see us at the Old Climbing Wall in front of you!

We’re also planning to walk over to Civic for drinks at PJ’s after SRT this week. Anyone is welcome, and we’ll probably leave from ANU Sport about 8:15 once we’re finished packing up after SRT. Come along for a few hours of fun chatting about stuff caving (and non-caving) related! We might even try some of the excellent squeezes that Civic’s public art has to offer…