Tuglow Caves

Tuglow Cave is a wonderfully varied cave in Kanangra-Boyd National Park. Its main attraction is the underground ‘canyonesque’ waterfall round trip. This cave usually requires getting wet (up to neck high in water) and thermals are a must. The entrance is through a rock-pile, requiring technical ropework (or ladders). There are also some other smaller caves in the area that are reputedly quite good, but mostly people go for the awesome experience that is Tuglow Cave.

Getting there:

A 4h drive from Canberra, Tuglow is accessed off the Goulburn-Oberon road. Approximately 50km north of Taralga is a turn-off marked ‘Jerong/Mt Werong’. This ends up on logging tracks with pines on the right hand side. Use the map to get on the appropriate track to Dingo Dell camping area. The last section is a 4WD track only. 2WD get to within 3km of the camping area by following the right hand branch to Dingo Dell. Although the left hand branch is the easier and better maintained track for 4WD vehicles. The cave itself is reached by crossing the river at the camping area and driving until one reaches a sharp right hand corner with space for parking on the left and a steep ascent further on.


The Dingo Dell campground has a pit toilet. It is located near a creek in an usually cold valley. There are no facilities at the cave itself, except for abundant trees. Be careful if you’re doing a joint trip with a Sydney club, as often they will choose to camp by the Kowmung River, which is the other side of Tuglow Cave (and closer to Sydney).