Wyanbene Caves and the Big Hole

Situated in the Deua National Park, Wyanbene cave is an extremely well decorated active stream cave. There are two parts to this cave: the old tourist section, which is open to the public, and a long streamway section behind a locked gate for which a permit must be applied for from NPWS. The Big Hole is just that, a big hole in the ground, located near Wyanbene. Can be abseiled into for those who are keen to do the 100m prusik back out… Permit required, as for Wyanbene. Getting there: Usually we drive via Queanbeyan and Captains Flat along an unsealed road up over Tallaganda National Park. This is the shorter option, but for anyone keen to keep their car clean(er), you can go via Braidwood and a sealed road. The Big Hole is accessed from the Berlang campground, and Wyanbene Cave from the Wyanbene campground. Both are on short (signposted) dirt roads that leave the main road. Be warned: you have to cross the Shoalhaven River on a 2WD causeway to get to Wyanbene, so access can be cut in the wet. There are also stories of the river here becoming an impromptu washing machine for cavers that underestimated how deep the river was and had their cars flooded. Facilities: There is a pleasant campground next to Wyanbene Cave, with some benches, fireplaces and a pit toilet. It is however a very cold campground, so pack plenty of warm clothes in winter (hey, are you noticing a theme here?- caving campgrounds tend to be in cold places). Berlang tends to be a bit warmer, but it also has easier and more obvious access from the road, so can get very busy at times.