Dip Cave Wee Jasper

Feb 9 2019 Lachie Bailey

We left Canberra at the usual time of 8am plus some stuffing around, and made quick time to Wee Jasper. Once there, we were all keen to get underground, and barrelled off to the pitch into Series 4 of Dip Cave. Chris senior amazed us all by finding us the most absolutest safest looking rigging krab that any of us had ever seen. Sadly, Chris junior chose to scratch up the club’s nice shiny new krabs in his rigging than use the rusty piece of muddy steel his Dad found.

Underground, we thoroughly explored Series 4 and 5 of Dip Cave (once the intrepid navigators found Series 5). Lachie succeeded in getting into Dismal Chamber this time, only to find that there was a walk-through passage that would have avoided a nasty squeeze, sketchy climb and several bruises. The Rathole was its usual delightful self, and abseiling double rope on old, wet, muddy 10.5mm rope was, well, interesting. We trooped out the Rubbish Tip entrance (after saying hi to Elvis), and decided that a late lunch and nap in the sun was preferable going caving again. NUCC runs real rough trips, we swear.