Mount Fairy Survey Trip

Jun 30 2019

Trip fee: $15

Facebook event:

NUCC has been very interested in Mount Fairy over the last year, and continuing the rash of trips there, we’ll be going back out to the area on Sunday (pending access). This trip is going to be a mix of surface-trogging (wandering around in the sun looking for caves), and actual caving (Lachlan wants to take photos of the sumps in Mount Fairy Main Cave). We’ll also have a look at the secret, yet-to-be-named new cave that Whitley found in April! The caves at Mount Fairy are generally fun, have some nice formation, and feature the odd wombat. Mount Fairy Main may have bats in it at this time of year, and if they’re present, we’ll visit some of the other caves in the area instead so not to disturb them.

For the trip, you’ll need:

NUCC will have helmets, headtorches, cave packs and any ladders/SRT gear necessary. We’ll be meeting 8am at ANU Sport for the 50min drive out to the caves and plan on returning by 6pm.