Aug 31 2019 Bill Lamb

Trip fee: $15

Facebook event:

On Saturday at 8am we will be heading to Wee Jasper 90 kms West of Canberra to visit Punchbowl Cave, It is a fun sporty cave which starts with a 30 metre abseil, some walking, some crawling, some small person challenges (stuff I don’t fit through), some clay modelling in a small chamber which is the only place we get to participate in this type of activity and then we ascend back up the rope. There are also some interesting cave formations and fossils to look at along the way.

For the entrance / exit pitch we will have 2 ropes side by side so if anyone is unsure of getting vertical underground we will have a trainer next to you.

We will meet up in front of the ANU Sports building at 8am and after collecting club gear will head straight to Wee Jasper and get into caving.

We will be carpooling again so if anyone has a car and would like to bring it please let me know and we will throw fuel money your way.


What to bring

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