New Zealand

September 1 - 15, 2019

Facebook event:

Hey everyone, some exciting news! NUCC has (finally) organised (mostly) an expedition for 2019. In the mid-sem break of Semester 2, a small group of us are going to be venturing to the deep caves in the South Island of New Zealand. Yup, this is the land with caves that are many hundreds of meters deep, and tens of kilometers long. Some of the best caves in the southern hemisphere that put Jenolan to shame… Specifically, we are going to Takaka Hill (of Harwoods Hole fame), which comes with a luxurious cavers cottage. We are also hopefully going to visit some of the other nearby karst areas, like Mount Arthur and the Cobb Valley too. We might also do some touristing on the way (; At the moment, about five of us are going, leaving Canberra on the 31st August and getting back on the 15th September. So there is maybe a little more space if anyone else is interested. But the caves are deep, long, cold, wet, technical, sometimes very remote, and none of us have been to the area before, so you’ll need to be a confident caver. If you have any questions, send me an email (, and we can have a chat! If you’re not certain it’s for you, don’t worry- if the expedition goes well, we might try something in Tassie over the summer break.

And a couple of fun videos of New Zealand caving: Ironstone Cave throughtrip, one of the best trips at Takaka Hill: Once again Beneath the Mountains: (those of you who have caved with ROC might recognise a few faces here; this is from Bulmer Cave, which is further south from Takaka Hill)

Note: at the moment, the trip cost is still uncertain, but is expected to be around $1000-1500 per person