Bungonia and Marble Arch Bushwalking

Jul 18 -19, 2020 Oscar Parra

Participants: Oscar Parra, Austin Zerk, Chris Bradley, Lachie Bailey, Andy Waddell, Chris Bradley, Lisa Bradley, Margaret Bradley

Day 1. Bungonia National Park

The trip started at 0800 in front of ANU Sport. We divided the luggage between the cars and started heading to Bungonia National Park. Once in place we unpacked, set up the tents and headed to the starting point of the walk.

We started a quick descending around 1000 into the Bungonia creek where we had an amazing view of the walls of the canyon. Once at the bottom we headed towards the Shoalhaven River, first by crossing big white rocks, and once out of the canyon we walked following the creek, surrounding beautiful green and blue ponds on the way through. After a couple of kilometres, we stopped to have lunch in front of a big turquoise pond.

Once fed, we followed Bungonia Creek until we met with the Shoalhaven River and had a fun time throwing flat stones and making them jump over the water. After taking a group picture and a couple of tired arms, we started to return following the White Track. We made it to the carpark around 1700.

Once there, we set up the abseiling gear to practice some ropework. We picked a pitch on Hogans Wall and practiced a bit of rigging, knots, and descending on rope. After that we packed and move towards the camp, where we cooked, some ate a lot of food prepared by others, took showers and then we went to the tents practicing social distancing.

Day 2. Deua National Park

Starting at 0700 we dismantled the camp and headed towards Berlang Campground in Deua National Park. We stopped in Braidwood to have a quick breakfast on the way. At Berlang we met with Chris’s family who joined us for the walk.

We started fording the Shoalhaven River, and after a quick re-setup we started walking towards Marble Arch passing by The Big Hole. After a Friendly and beautiful flat walk in the middle of the bush we got inside Marble Arch, where we had lunch, and some went to explore other small caves inside.

After lunch we had fun around the rock formations of the creek for a while before heading back to the carpark. Once re-grouped at Berlang, we headed to Canberra and made it to the city at 1800.