Trips and Expeditions Calendar

Wyanbene Wonders

May 11 2019

On Saturday morning, a group of intrepid cavers left ANU bright and early to go and explore Wyanbene Cave. Dressed to survive the wet and cold conditions of a streamway cave, we entered the dark and got down to business (eventually, after much deliberation about how many ladders were needed – for the record, 1 x 50ft was fine). read more

Cooleman Easter 2019

Apr 19 -23, 2019

The April 2019 Easter Cooleman- Yarrangobilly trip, originally planned as a double between Cooleman and Yagby, was rescheduled to a four day Cooleman due to numbers. Initially, four NUCC members headed up on Friday to set themselves up for an early start the next day. read more

Mount Fairy Visitations Part 2

Apr 13 -14, 2019

There is currently a statement on the NUCC website under the page on Mount Fairy: “We always go to Mount Fairy as a day trip”, so of course Lachie set out to prove the author wrong. read more

Mount Fairy Visitations Part 1

Apr 7 2019

Having been on too many SUSS trips, Lachie came up with the bright idea that it was time for NUCC to begin surveying again, after the club took an extended break from it all in the early 1990s. read more

Highlighted Trip

Jenolan Jaunt

Mar 22 -24, 2019

Jenolan has long been one of NUCC’s favourite caving locations, as it has a wonderful range of varied caves with plenty to see in them. Plus, it has the added bonus of a caver’s cottage with all sorts of useful bits and pieces, like a microwave for the two-minute noodles. read more

Bungonia Beginner's Trip

Mar 2 2019

As our first trip for the year after the annual influx of beginners on Market Day, there were scores of new cavers spread between six cars heading up to Bungonia on Saturday morning. read more

Dip Cave Wee Jasper

Feb 9 2019

We left Canberra at the usual time of 8am plus some stuffing around, and made quick time to Wee Jasper. Once there, we were all keen to get underground, and barrelled off to the pitch into Series 4 of Dip Cave. read more

Highlighted Trip

Cooleman Plain

Jan 25 -28, 2019

We met up with ROC and SUSS and had a great 3 days of caving over the Australia day long weekend.We stayed at the Yarrangobilly River Campground on the first night near Yagby Caves and then went on to the Magpie Flat campground at Cooleman Plain. read more

Wee Jasper Prospecting

Dec 23 2018

A small group of foolhardy NUCCers decided that they weren’t content to wait for presents in two days time and that they wanted to go caving instead. So we trooped off to Wee J for a poke around in Punchbowl Cave. read more

Jenolan-Kempsey Big Trip

Nov 30 -Dec 17, 2003

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Test website-ising a long past NUCC trip… Another one of NUCC’s big end of year trips. This time, it saw us going to Jenolan to meet up with SUSS for a couple of days of caving in Barralong (helping dive trips), Wiburds and Mammoth (survey work and fun); then heading up north to Kempsey, where we checked out caves in and around the Kookaburra and Moparabah areas. read more