Our Facebook page and email list provide the most up-to-date trip information. This page gives a good overview of our long term trip plans.

We generally post up a Facebook event and send an email in the days leading up to a trip with details on:

Past Trips 23

Dip Cave Wee Jasper

February 9, 2019 8am - 6pm $20

We left Canberra at the usual time of 8am plus some stuffing around, and made quick time to Wee Jasper. Once there, we were all keen to get underground, and barrelled off to the pitch into Series 4 of Dip Cave. read more

Wee Jasper Prospecting

December 23, 2018 $15

A small group of foolhardy NUCCers decided that they weren’t content to wait for presents in two days time and that they wanted to go caving instead. So we trooped off to Wee J for a poke around in Punchbowl Cave. read more